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Success Articles > It's YOUR Time! So Get Ready to Soar!

If you are like most people then you are probably always giving and giving without really taking time out for your self. It is wonderful that you have a heart to help others but don't forget about your own dreams and goals. Don't neglect the things that God has put on your heart to do. We were not born to just live life we were born to live a fulfilled life, to live an abundant life, and to thrive. And those are all of the things we should be experiencing, and if we are not then our life is of balance.

It is your time right now, not tomorrow, not next week, and not next year, but right now! Life is just too short for you to keep putting off until tomorrow what you deserve today! You have allowed fear, naysayers, pain, and your past to hold your dreams hostage for way too long. Your dreams need to be released.

Think about this, when we were younger we dreamed and we dreamed big. We didn't care how crazy our dreams sounded to others, we didn't allow fear to make us stay stagnant, and we didn't care about what happened in the past, we just believed that it could be done. We need to go back to that "childlike faith." Having "childlike faith" doesn't mean that you are being unrealistic, it means that you are allowing your faith to inspire you forward.

When you know "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that it is your time you are willing to up-level your mindset and your movement. In other words you are thinking differently and taking action differently. And it also means that you are refusing to let anything stop you. When it's your time then it's YOUR time! Now that doesn't mean that obstacles won't arise, what it does mean is that they can't stop you. The only way they can stop you is if you allow them to.

Where would you like to be in 3 months, 6 months or 12 months? Surely not in the same place you are at today. And that doesn't mean you are not satisfied with your life, it means that you are ready for growth. And it means that you are aware that there is more that you can do, be, and have. So now that you know it is your time, what steps are you going to take to manifest the amazing life that you dream about and deserve? You CAN do it!