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Success Articles > Is There a Coaching Ministry Inside Of You?

Have you ever wanted to start a ministry empowering others to achieve their goals and dreams? If you have, then starting a coaching ministry might be an amazing opportunity for you. A coaching ministry is a ministry that provides coaching services to others. You can inspire and empower others to set goals, overcome obstacles and challenges, and achieve their goals and dreams. If you know that God has placed a coaching ministry inside of you then He placed it in you for a reason. You should never feel like you don't have anything to offer others. You have a story and you have purpose. And what you have conquered can help others to be victorious in their life.

Never underestimate the inner power that you have. You have divine power leading you and guiding you into the desires of your heart. You have been blessed to do some amazing things. You have been blessed with phenomenal gifts and talents. And you have been empowered to help other people live the life that God has made available for them to live. Many people need spiritual wisdom and you can help them in a phenomenal way, while staying true to who you are spiritually.

Does your church or faith-based setting have a coaching ministry? If not, then why not start one? Your services are critical to the kingdom just like other services that are offered. Do you dream of using your gifts in a way that honors God and unleashes your passion? Do you have others coming to you and telling you that you are a wonderful encourager? Would you like to offer coaching services or coaching workshops at your church or faith-based setting? If you answered yes to any of those questions then it is time for you to kick down the doors of opportunity, and get moving. And you don't have to try to figure things out on your own.

Today is a day that you can decide to live your life to the fullest, or you can continue to just dream about living the life you desire and deserve to live. But eventually you should realize that God is not done blessing you. And you should realize that He has more for you to do. If He didn't you wouldn't still be here on earth. Refuse to let your pain, struggle, victories, and life story be in vain. Share yourself with the world and leave the legacy that you were born to leave.