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Success Articles > Life Is Too Short Not To Live Out Your Purpose

Do you dream of becoming a life coach and helping others to live a happier and more abundant life? Do you have a calling to help others live the life that God has designed for them to live? And are you ready to finally get moving in the direction of your purpose?

You only have one chance to live life to the fullest, so you have to get it right. That means you are not sitting on your dreams, that means you are not letting what other people say about you stop you or block you, and that you are not letting fear keep you from moving forward. Your life was given to you so that you can LIVE IT! And that doesn't mean that you just go to work, work 8 hours a day, get off, go home, eat, shower, go to sleep, wake up the next morning and do it all over again! You deserve to do something that makes you feel amazing, something that lights your fire, and something that makes you excited to wake up every morning. And if you have a desire to become a life coach you could live the life that you dream of living, and a life that is not only rewarding for you but a life that is also rewarding for others.

I began to realize years ago that life was passing me by pretty fast, and I had not began to even accomplish the things that I knew God had put in my heart to accomplish. Things were going okay for me, but I wasn't living my best life possible. I was living my life according to the box that I had allowed others to put me in, and that wasn't acceptable. Why do we even live our life according to the rules of others, when nobody has to live with the regret but us? That is so unfair to us. And we truly deserve more.

It is your time to fully step into your greatness. You don't have to settle for anything less than God's best for your life. And I believe that includes you living out your true purpose and destiny. You have so much inside of you that someone else needs. Never underestimate the power of your gifts, pain, struggle, successes, or story. My late mother used to say "Our words will out-live us." And that is so true. Because even after we are gone we can leave a legacy that continues to live way after we do. And some of the most powerful things we can leave behind are love, encouragement, and inspiration.