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Success Articles > Leap Into Your Calling As A Coach

Did you know that coaching is a calling? It is an assignment that you may have been called to. I know personally that it can be scary stepping into something new. But do you know what can be scarier? Living out of purpose and living with regret. 
I am a firm believer that we all deserve to wake up every day excited about our work and how we are serving others. And if that is happening for you, that is awesome. But for many people they wake up dreading the work that they do. And they don't feel like they are doing the work they were called to do or living the life they were born to live. 
It is important that you break through any negative thinking that is trying to tell you that you can't do it. Because you CAN! God has empowered you to do and be all that he has called you to do and be. But you must believe it. 
What if you decided right now that you are not going to let anything stand in between you and your purpose as a coach? What could happen? Could you possibly position yourself to live a happier and more fulfilled life? Do you think you could have a greater impact on humanity? Could you fulfill some dreams that you have deep inside of your soul? Could you have an opportunity to share your testimony and voice in a way greater than you have ever imagined? Could you make more money and increase your income? There can be an abundance of hidden opportunities behind you taking a leap of faith into your calling as a coach. But if you don't move forward you may never know. 
Becoming a life coach can put you in a powerful position to achieve your dreams and help other people realize and achieve theirs. Guess what? When God calls you to an assignment that means He already has people who will benefit from what you have to offer. That means that He wants to reach others through you. You may have felt compelled to do something different in your life or career, but you haven't known how to move forward, and you are now reading this article and some things are starting to be clearer for you. That is called divine guidance. And it is not a coincidence. You were meant to be reading this article right at this moment. You are at the right place at the right time.
If you feel like you are called to be a life coach it is time for you to move in that direction. That doesn't mean that you have to decide over night to complete life coach training, but what it does mean is that you realize what direction you should be moving in. There is so much inside of you that deserves to get outside of you. Your story, gifts, and testimony can help someone else to make it. Isn't that why we have been blessed? So that we can be a blessing? And sharing your gift of coaching is one way that you can be a blessing. And don't think for one second that nobody will want to hear from you or work with you. Quiet all of those voices of doubt telling you that you're not good enough to be coaching anyone. Because if God says you are, then you are! End of story!