Certified Christian Marriage Empowerment Coachâ„¢ Program


Help Keep Together, What God has Brought Together:

It is important for couples to experience marriage success from the inside-out.  Through this unique program you will learn about essential ways, to empower couples for a happier, whole and more successful marriage. You will be educated on things that can be the foundation of future problems, that the couple might not even be aware of.

There are so many hidden culprits that lead to marital discord, and those things are not often addressed in traditional marriage programs. This program is designed to help you be a leader in this field, by providing you with the holistic secrets to marital success. Creating marital harmony from a holistic perspective, can unleash a whole new level of marital bliss, greater than the couple can even imagine. 


The Inspiration Behind This Certification Program:

"I have been blessed with a great marriage of many years. And it is getting better and better every day. I contribute my marital success to learning how to be successful from the inside-out, and keeping God at the center of our marriage. I created this program from a place of passion to help married couples continue to grow stronger and more in love everyday. "

Peace, Blessings, and Success,

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez




Marriage Topics Covered:  


  • The role of a Certified Christian Marriage Empowerment Coach™


  • The definition of a Christian marriage


  • How a marriage is impacted holistically


  • What makes a Christian marriage different


  • What makes a Christian marriage successful


  • Keeping God at the center of the marriage


  • Keys for a spiritually successful marriage


  • Faith and marriage


  • What to do when a Christian marriage is experiencing difficulty


  • Tips for marriage revitalization


  • Offering a Christian marriage seminar


  • Why date night is important for the Christian married couple


  • Marriage and work-life balance


  • Second marriages


  • Blended marriages


  • Manifesting a H.O.T. (Harmonious, Optimistic and Transformative) Marriage


  • Positive communication


  • Positive Constructive Language (PCL)


  • Negative Destructive Language (NDL)


  • The Communication Flow of the Message Transmitter


  • The R3 Model of Communication


  • Tips for spouses to become a great marriage communicator


  • Postively affirming the marriage


  • Goal setting for marital success



Class Information:

This advanced certification program is conveniently delivered through downloadable modules. The class information is available to you online. You will receive a online link to download your certification modules. You can click and read your certification modules right from your computer, or print them off (you can keep them in a 3 ring binder for future reference).

You are able to contact your trainer by e-mail for any questions. Since you have already completed the foundational training this program can be completed in as little as 20-25 additional learning hours (with dedication and commitment). This online training program can be spread out over a few days or a few weeks. You control your learning pace.


There is no final exam for the advanced certification program, but you are required to complete and submit competency assignments. Successfully completing the competency assignments and receiving positive feedback demonstrate your competency to receive certification.