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Certified Confidence Makeover Coachâ„¢ Program

Confidence affects so many things. If affects how we feel about ourselves, what we feel about our bodies, the way we allow other people to treat us, and even our motivation to follow our goals and dreams.  

If you have a passion to educate and empower others to increase their self-confidence, then this program may be a perfect fit for you. You can help people to know their worth and live their life with confidence. You can help people to silence their inner critic, be more confident in their personal and professional life, and in relationships.

You can also help people to boost their confidence and achieve their goals, release self-doubt and authentically embrace who God created them to be, and feel empowered to embrace their inner beauty. Once people recognize their worth, they can feel happier and more fulfilled. Increased confidence can help people to be the very best version of themselves that they can be and live their best life possible.

You can add this program and coach individuals, lead confidence makeover groups and workshops, and help people to break through self-doubt and release unshakeable and unstoppable confidence. This program can be a great addition to your life coaching program. 


Program Topics: 

Why having confidence is important

How confidence is related to success

Some causes of low self-confidence

What low self-confidence can impact

Styles of communication

Confident communication


Signs of low confidence

Truths of having self-confidence

Confidence and energy

Benefits of increased self-confidence

Ways to empower others to boost their self-confidence


*There is no final exam, but you must complete and submit competency assignments.