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"Mindful Resilience for Youth" Certification Program
Empowering Educators to Empower Youth for Resilient Success.

This program is open to classroom (in-person or virtual) educators only.
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela
Become a Certified Educator in Mindful Resilience for Youth
Empower. Inspire. Make a Mindful Difference.
Step into a transformative journey with our holistic-based certification program, tailored for educators who aspire to instill the power of mindful resilience in the youth. This certification program is designed exclusively for educators like you who are driven by their purpose to transform the lives of our youth.
Why Choose Our Program?
For the Educator:
*Holistic Mindful Approach: Our program seamlessly intertwines the practices of mindfulness with resilience. Dive deep to understand not just the challenges faced by youth but their internal experiences, emotions, and thoughts.
*Career Enhancement: Stand out as an educator who brings a unique blend of mindful resilience to the classroom, creating an atmosphere of heightened awareness and adaptability.
*Monetize Your Skills: Get equipped to design and deliver impactful workshops. Share this transformative knowledge with fellow educators, parents, court systems, community organizations, and keep 100% of the profits.
For the Youth:
*A Brighter Tomorrow: Equip our youth with the toolkit they need to not just face but embrace challenges. Help them cultivate a mindset of resilience, ensuring sustainable success.
*Cultivating Mindful Responses: Arm the youth with the skills to face adversities with heightened self-awareness, ensuring they respond with intention, not react with impulse.
*Growth Mindset: Through mindful practices, open the door for the youth to the world of 'yet,' fostering an understanding that challenges are temporary and can be overcome with persistence.
*Become Champions of Their Own Lives: Inspire them to rise, thrive, and lead, fostering a resilient mindset that transcends the classroom, and leads their peers towards a brighter, more resilient future.
For the Education Organization and Community:
*A Mindful Resilient Movement: This program champions growth, resilience, and mindfulness, transforming the entire atmosphere of your organization and community.
*Proactive Approach: This program equips educators with the skills to be proactive, keeping the youth on the right path and ensuring that they overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and grow into empowered adults
Program Highlights:
*Five Comprehensive Modules: Online training that dives into mindful resilience, resilience skills, classroom strategies, cultural and diversity considerations, coaching strategies for educators, and more.
*Workshop Mastery: Learn to craft and deliver workshops that resonate, creating additional avenues of income and impact.
Celebration of Achievement Week: Round off your personal journey with a Mastery Showcase, where you'll submit your competency assignments, final project, and Resilient Success Workshop for review. This week emphasizes your individual growth, reflection, and accomplishments, readying you to deeply influence the youth you'll empower and inspire.
*Personalized Email Coaching: Personalized email coaching is available so that you navigate the program with clarity, assurance, and a deeper understanding.
Convenience & Affordability of the Online Program:
In today's fast-paced world, we understand that your time is invaluable. That's why we've crafted an online program that fits seamlessly into your life. Whether you're balancing work, family, or social commitments, our course ensures you don't have to compromise.
Dive into our content from the comfort of your home, your favorite coffee shop, a relaxing park, or anywhere that fuels your learning. It's a 6-week accelerated program, allowing you to gain deep insights without dragging on for months. Priced at an affordable $797.00 (full payment). Yay also make 5 payments of $179.40 (total investment is $897.00).
Your Instructor's Journey:
"I have walked the halls of schools as an afterschool program director and stood in the classroom as a curriculum-based educator. My collaboration with organizations as a coach for at-risk youth and my experience as an adolescent psych nurse has given me firsthand experience in the challenges they face. My journey in the realm of education has been expansive and rewarding. 
My own turbulent journey as a youth taught me the value of resilience, lessons learned through the heartaches and struggles life threw my way. Adversity, sometimes heart-wrenching, tried to push me down, but my learned resilience turned pain into power, and challenges into triumphs.
My experiences as a mother and "nana" has allowed me to witness these transformative strategies shape the minds of my children and grandchildren. It is a blessing. From delivering keynote speeches to mentoring educators, my journey underscores the power of a resilient mindset, which I was never taught in school but learned through life's harsh lessons. Our youth deserve better. They deserve to harness their inner strength, face challenges head-on, and conquer them with a resilient mindset. Let's come together and empower our youth for a radiant and resilient future."  Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, Ph.D.
It's Time: 
The world is ever-evolving, and the challenges faced by the youth today are unparalleled. As educators, we have a profound opportunity to make a difference. Through mindful resilience, let's equip our youth not just to face but to understand, process, and conquer these challenges. This is your call to action. To inspire, to empower, and to transform lives with the power of mindful resilience.
Upcoming Program Date:
To Be Announced
Refund Policy:
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Once your payment or deposit has been made there are no refunds available. When your payment or deposit is made you receive access to the program materials, therefore no refunds are given. But we will work with you diligently to ensure your 100% satisfaction. If you need to cancel your training for any reason 100% of your tuition can be applied to the same program within 3 months. You will not lose your investment.