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The Purposeful and Profitable Coach Strategy Session™
If you need additional clarity about becoming a certified coach then this session is for you!




Discover Your Purpose as a Life Coach, and Learn How To Profit!

If you are serious about taking the next step to become a certified coach, but you need some additional clarity then you are invited to spend some quality time with Dr. Shauntel to discover and jump start your purpose as a Certified Life Coach. This is a powerful strategy session that will help you tap into your gifts, follow your passion, and pursue your divine purpose as a coach. This a great opportunity if you need some additional insight and guidance. Through this opportunity you will be empowered to discover your life meaning, and find your direction. And you will also be inspired to release your divine potential. 

If you feel like you were born to coach this opportunity will give you a powerful experience to tap into your coaching gift, and discover how you can make a positive difference in the world. You will learn how to discover your life mission, and line it up with your coaching career direction.

If you need to discover and unleash your purpose as a coach, this can be a life shifting opportunity for you. Through this spiritual (your purpose, life satisfaction, inner peace, etc.) transformation session you can become aware of your divine life purpose, and grow personally and professionally. If you are ready to tap into your life purpose then you are invited to take action today.  

The Purposeful and Profitable Coachstrategy session is delivered as a 20 minute laser coaching session (you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 20 laser focused minutes), and is held over the telephone.



 You Will Leave the Strategy Session With:

  • Crystal clarity regarding your purpose as a coach
  • Inspiration and spiritual insight to help you move toward your dream of coach certification
  • Empowerment to not let anything block your future success as a coach
  • The confidence of knowing you are in divine alignment with what you have been purposed to do
  • Ways that you can make money as a coach
  • A realistic plan that can get you fired up for becoming a certified coach 
  • Strategies specific for you as a future purposeful and profitable coach


Dr. Shauntel will also answer any questions you have regarding how you can become a purposeful and profitable coach. She will specifically help you to discover and unleash your purpose as a coach. She will also answer any questions you have about the training and certification program, and how it can serve your purpose, your life and those you are called to serve.

This strategy session was designed to inspire and empower you to immediately shift into understanding your purpose as a coach, and to support you in taking the next step of faith toward your dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach. If you are ready to move forward, but you need a little more clarity, guidance, inspiration, and support then register for a free Purposeful and Profitable Coach™ strateegy session today! 



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