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Certified Radiant Mindset Coach Program

   "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein

Empower Your Clients to Cultivate a Radiant Mindset: Help Transform Their Thinking and Lives. A Radiant Mindset Manifests Radiant Results!
Illuminate the Path to Success for Your Clients:
The journey from where your clients are to where they want to be starts with a single step: embracing a radiant mindset. As coaches, we're not just guides; we're transformation creators, helping to dissolve the mindset barriers that dim our clients' brilliance. By challenging limiting beliefs, we help light up the path to personal breakthroughs and success.
Embrace the Glow of Positive Transformation:
Encourage your clients to shed old, unhelpful thought patterns and embrace the warm glow of positivity. But, a radiant mindset is about more than just being positive; it's about believing in one's own limitless potential and the power to shift one's life trajectory. This program is designed to up-level your coaching skills, enhancing your ability to empower mindset transformations that lead to consistent, glowing and growing success.
Why Choose the Radiant Mindset Coach Training Program?
If your goal is to master the art of mindset transformation and to guide your clients towards a more luminous, fulfilling life, this is the perfect program for you. It looks into the essence of thought, feeling, and habit awareness, equipping you to inspire your clients to light up the hidden shadows of personal limitation and doubt.
The Brilliance of Conscious Thinking:
Conscious thinking is about illuminating the present moment with intention and awareness. This program provides you with strategies to guide your clients towards mindfulness in their thoughts, aligning their mental processes with their deepest desires. It's an invitation to those passionate about empowering, educating, and enlightening others on their journey to a radiant life.
The Power of a Radiant Mindset:
A dim mindset can block the path to success, while a radiant one can brighten the way to endless possibilities. The principle of "like attracts like" suggests that a luminous outlook is essential for manifesting a bright future. This program helps you empower your clients to soar above negativity and embrace a mindset that not only shines bright but also guides them towards achieving their dreams.
Shine Beyond Limitations:
The potential within your clients is limitless, only constrained by their current mindset. This program can help them to break through limiting beliefs and align their thoughts with their true aspirations. Regardless of their present situation, they have within them the light they need to succeed. It's time for them to embrace a radiant thought process that transforms their life from ordinary to extraordinary.
A Bright Future Begins with a Radiant Mindset:
Encourage your clients to refuse to let anything, especially their own limiting thought patterns, dim their light. A radiant mindset is not just a beneficial asset; it's a critical element for achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.
Inspire your clients to discover their inner brilliance by transforming how they think. When they embrace a radiant mindset, they don't just change their life...they illuminate it. This program is your toolkit for leading clients from the shadows into the bright possibilities of their future, powered by the transformative energy of their thoughts.


The Inspiration Behind This Program:

"I believe that success is a partnership between us and God. I believe that God is the creator and that we were created to be conscious creators.  I also believe that we can use our minds to create amazing things in our lives. I believe that our mind is the birthing ground for success (when used effectively). "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."I also believe that we all deserve to achieve what we were created to achieve. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many people who have allowed their wrong way of thinking to block their opportunity to live a higher quality of life. " 

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez


By transforming my way of thinking I was able to:

  • Powerfully change my mindset and my life.


  • Bounce back after losing my job due to corporate downsizing, start a successful coaching and training business, and make more money than I made when I lost my job.


  • Complete Nursing school, and later a BA program in Psychology, as a single mother with 5 children at home.


  • Complete a Master's Degree in an area that I am passionate about.


  • Stay dedicated to completing a Doctorate program even after my grandson passed away, as I was pursuing my Doctorate.


  • Overcome fear and doubt about stepping out to achieve my dreams.


  • Let go of what other people think of me.


  • Become aware of things I need to change in my life if I truly wanted to succeed.


  • Build rewarding and fulfilling relationships with others.


  • Achieve lifelong dreams and accomplish goals that I used to think were impossible.


  • Become recognized nationally and internationally for being an expert article writer.


  • Become a mentor to inspire and empower others to succeed all over the world.


  • And much, much more!


Program Topics:

- Understanding Radiance in the Context of Mindset Coaching
- The Science Behind Positive Mindset and Its Impact on Life Success
- Techniques for Recognizing Limiting Thought Patterns
- Strategies for Transforming Negative Beliefs into Empowering Ones
- Key Concepts and Theories of Happiness and Well-Being
- Applying Positive Psychology to Cultivate a Radiant Mindset
- Incorporating Mindfulness into Daily Life for Enhanced Mental Clarity
- Using Awareness to Foster Presence and Reduce Stress
- Crafting Vision and Setting Achievable, Inspiring Goals
- Aligning Goals with a Radiant Mindset for Maximum Impact
- Understanding the Power of Affirmations in Shaping Thoughts and Beliefs
- Designing and Implementing Affirmations for Personal Empowerment
- Strategies for Developing Emotional Strength and Flexibility
- Overcoming Obstacles and Setbacks with a Positive Outlook
- Mapping Out a Personal Journey Toward Radiance
- Setting Milestones and Measuring Progress
- Mastering the Art of Empathetic Listening and Questioning
- Techniques for Motivating and Inspiring Clients
- Using Visualization to Enhance Positive Future Outcomes
- Manifesting Desires with a Radiant Mindset
- Leveraging the Radiant Mindset for Effective Manifestation of Goals and Dreams
- Crafting and Utilizing Powerful Affirmations for Daily Motivation
- Establishing Your Unique Brand and Offering in the Mindset Coaching Space
- And more!


*Materials are downloadable. There is no final exam, but you must complete and submit competency assignments.