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Certified Teen Mother's Success Coachâ„¢ Program
Exclusively for girl's self-esteem coach graduates only.

Certified Teen Mother's Success Coach™ Program
This coaching program is specifically designed for women interested in supporting teenage mothers. Whether you're already working in this field or eager to start, this program enables you to add coaching for teenage mothers to your list of services. It's perfect for professionals in coaching, careers, non-profits, social services, or ministries who are passionate about motivating and empowering teenage mothers to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.
Are you committed to guiding teenage mothers towards success and helping them pursue their dreams? Do you want to offer direction and support to teenage mothers striving to take control of their lives? Have you encountered teenage mothers on a path away from achieving their dreams?
By becoming a Certified Teen Mother's Success Coach™, you can make a significant difference. Teenage mothers can thrive with the right tools for success and planning. Now is the time to teach them how to tackle challenges and commit to a successful future. You can empower teen mothers to boost their confidence, self-esteem, and chances for a successful future.
The misconception that teenage mothers must settle for less is widespread, but it's false and sadly this is the mindset of many teen mothers. As a Certified Teen Mother's Success Coach™, you'll encourage teenage mothers to adopt a success-oriented mindset, leveraging your passion, skills, and gifts to help them refocus and reignite their excitement for their dreams.
The Teen Mother's Success Coach training program is Dr. Shauntel's vision, born from her desire to uplift and empower teenage mothers towards a rewarding life. Understanding the importance of being goal-oriented, Dr. Shauntel, who was a teenage mother herself, knows the challenges and needs of teenage mothers intimately. She is dedicated to making a meaningful impact.
Acknowledging the tough reality that many young women become mothers prematurely, our program aims to be part of the solution. We do not advocate for teenage motherhood but strive to empower existing teenage mothers to achieve their goals and dreams, positively affecting their present and future.
- Empowering Teen Mothers to Succeed
- Building a Positive Self-Image
- Embracing Self-Love
- Assertiveness Training
- Managing Stress and Anxiety
- Vision Board Creation
- Smart Goal Setting
- Time Management Skills
- Overcoming Obstacles
- Exploring Career Paths
- Navigating Higher Education
- Work-Life Balance
- Networking and Mentorship
- Peer Pressure and Teen Mothers
- Avoiding Behaviors That Don't Align With Personal Goals
- Inspiring Teen Mothers to Break Through Self-Limiting Beliefs
- Cultivating Supportive Family Connections: Healing and Strengthening Relationships
The Inspiration Behind This Powerful Program:

"Many young women have not made the best choices in life, and their choices may have even led them to become a teen mother. I believe that a teen mother still has the ability to succeed if she changes her mindset, believes in herself, loves herself, makes wise choices, unleashes hope, and stays committed to achieving her dreams. I was a teen mother and because of God, my determination, my believing in myself, and others believing in me, I achieved my dreams, and experienced success in my life . So I know it is possible. I made my life motto "never give up." What we can achieve is amazing, if we just refuse to quit.

I am a firm believer that adversity does not have to block achievement and every obstacle can birth an opportunity. It is up to us whether we let our past rob us of our future, and it is up to us to decide to be more in life. There is no reason that a teen mother has to settle for less than what she was meant to be in life. She is equipped with everything she needs to succeed, and as a Certified Teen Mother's Success Coach you can help her to win from within.

I served in the early 2000's as the Regional Coordinator for a Stop Teen Pregnancy program, in my county. I also have experience as a psych nurse for adolescents, and I've worked with the youth in many other capacities. I know firsthand the difference we can make in their lives."   

Peace, Blessings, and Success,

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez


Class Information:

This graduate certification program is conveniently delivered through recorded classes and downloadable modules. The class information is available to you online. You will receive a link to download your modules. You will receive access to one module at a time. You will submit any homework assignments or projects for that module and then move to the next module. .

You are able to contact your trainer by e-mail for any questions. This program can be completed in as little as 3 weeks (with dedication and commitment). 




If you would like to add this program to your girl's coach certification program, you will have the option to add it on your registration form. You can make your payment separately on the Checkout/Make Payment page.