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Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coachâ„¢
A Program for Women Who Believe In Other Women


Become a Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach™, and share your unique coaching gift with other women!


Empower Other Women to Succeed:

Sometimes women just feel out of life alignment, until she taps into her inner power, and discovers her true purpose. Tapping into her inner power allows her to achieve her goals and dreams, and live the life she was designed to live. Many women feel like she has been created to do more than what she is doing, and that she has untapped potential within her.

Many women feel like she has a desire to do something more, but she can't quite describe what it is. For many women there is a true desire for change, and the time for desired change is now. Many women know she needs to take action, but she is not sure which action to take. That is where as a Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach you will help her fill in the gaps.   

This certification is all about women empowering women. Give your best to other women in a big way, and it will come back to you in a big way. This program is not only amazing for other women. But it can also benefit you in a powerful way as well.


Be a World Changer!


How You Can Benefit Other Women:

As a Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach you will bring value to other women, and possibly to the world. Inspire and empower women to live like she was created to live...with power and purpose! Become a women's inner power and purpose expert and help other women succeed.

As a Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach you will assist women to discover her true purpose, identify and overcome limiting beliefs and roadblocks, clarify her meaningful goals and reach them and help her to get a clearer picture of her life. Through this program you will learn step-by-step how to inspire and empower women to succeed. You will help her to tap into and release the inner power she already has in her to succeed. You will also inspire and empower her to improve herself and then improve her life.

As a strong woman of character, integrity, power and purpose you have so much to give. Use your strength, compassion, character and wisdom to encourage other women to excel. If you have a passion to help women tap into their inner power, and live a more purposeful life, then this program is for you. If you feel like your higher purpose is to help women go higer then this program is for you.

If you feel like the whole world would benefit if women tapped into her inner power and discovered their purpose, then this program is for you. And if you have walked your own path of self-discovery as it relates to inner power and purpose, then this program is for you.




How This Program Can Benefit You:

  • You will be in a position to offer services that specifically cater to women.
  • You can enjoy what you are doing through serving other women.
  • You can speak to women organizations on a topic of your desire.
  • You can stand out as a coach with this unique certification.
  • You can provide coaching services for women's community groups, faith-based organizations for women, or corporations sharing your unique coaching message designed especially for women.


The Inspiration Behind This Powerful Program:

"I believe that all I have had to experience in my life was to prepare me for what I am doing today. I believe in the power of a woman, and her desire to succeed. There is something about a woman when she taps into her inner power and discovers her purpose. The word that comes to mind for me is UNSTOPPABLE!"

I believe all women deserve to live more joyful, authentic, awake and purpose-filled! I believe that every time a woman embraces who she truly was created to be, something amazing happens for her, her family, and humanity. I have walked my own path of self-discovery, and with faith, prayer and support I acheived living in purpose. And it is a wonderful feeling.

As women when we tap into our inner power it inspires and empowers us to be who were created to be. Not like what anyone else wants us to be, but truly who God created us to be. The time for the awakened woman is now. It is time for her to connect with her inner self on a deeper level, and live a fulfilled and amazing life!

I feel so blessed that God inspired me to create this program. I look back at my life, and I truly see how I have the life qualifications. I have been blessed to learn who I am, and how to live my life with power, and purpose. We just never know when we go through struggle, tragedy and triumph in our own life journey how that is going to equip us to help others."

Peace, Blessings, and Success,

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez


Training Topics Covered:

Program Topics:
Intro to Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coaching
Characteristics of A Certified Women's Inner Power and Purpose Coach
How to Help Women Release Her Inner Power
Assisting Women to Identify Her Meaning and True Purpose
Inspiring and Empowering Women to Pursue Their Purpose
Inspiring Women to Live In Purpose (Long-Term)
Inspiring Women to Overcome the Fear of Not Succeeding
Inspiring and Empowering Women to Beat the Odds 
Helping Women to Live a Better Life
Empowering Women to Reclaim Her Life
Assisting Women to Live More Inspired
Unleashing the Inner Power and Purpose That Lies On the Other Side of Pain
Inspiring Women to Bounce Back from Adversity
Women's Empowerment Overview
Self-Confidence and the Woman
Self-Esteem and the Woman
Personal Development for Women
Inspiring Women to Take Action for Long Term Success
Inspiring Women for Breakthroughs
Women and Self-Improvement
*Materials are downloadable. There is no final exam, but you must complete and submit competency assignments.